Saturday, July 21, 2018

Spa Therapist- Ethan
(Diploma in Aromatheraphy)

Home Spa For Men promises to be a rejuvenating experience.
An ideal place to unwind, shape up and discover a renewed
sense of well-being.

With 5yrs Experienced Working in an Oversea Spas in Bangkok, Phuket and Bintan.

I provide Incall, Outcall and Oversea Massage Services for Men.

My Place Located at Ang Mo Kio, Avenue 10.                               

I like what am doing and I have a strong passion for doing it well.

I only used essential oils mixed with carrier oils.
(sweet almonds and grape seeds).

Inhouse @ Ang Mo Kio is $80 for 60mins and $120 for 90mins.

BodyScrubs: $50 for 30mins.

BodyTreatments: $50 for 30mins.

EarCandling: $40 for 20mins.

Manhood Therapy: $40 for 15mins.
                                $70 for 30mins.

My Operating Hrs: Mon to Sun/PH: 11am to 9pm.

If you wish to book outside these time, just contact me.

Outcalls @ your place is just $180 for 60mins all timing.

Feel free to call me for appts or enquiry Ethan @ 97949018


Your punctuality for all appointments is much appreciated.

My Spa Room is cosy, with proper massage bed, spa music, green plants and water sound.

DETOX MASSAGE...60mins: $80.
                                     90mins: $120.

YIN YANG HARMONISING MASSAGE...60mins: $80 and 90mins: $120.
Especially created to harmonise and balance the flow of chi using deep rhythmical strokes. Focus is given to specific meridians, releasing tension and restoring peace and harmony.

AROMA TENDER MASSAGE...60mins: $80 and 90mins: $120.
A classical therapeutic massage. This will awaken and stimulate the whole body system that uplifts, revives, relaxes and restores mental and emotional energy.

RESCUE RELEASE...15mins per massage $25 or combine any of the three specific areas
45mins $60.
A focused massage that gives you the choice of customizing your treatment to quickly relieve muscle tension in the targeted areas. Select or combine any of the three specific areas below:

@ Back Massage.

@ Head Massage.

@ Shoulder Massage.

Detox Mud Wrap
Release toxins and better your skin. Our Black Baltic Body Mud promotes detoxification of the entire body, extracts pore clogging impurities and improves your skin texture. An emollient and mineral rich mud is smoothed all over and then you're wrapped up to intensify the detoxification process. Includes a relaxing scalp massage and finished with hydrating lotion massaged into your skin.
45mins $50.

Hydration Wrap
A moisture-rich binding balm lathered onto the entire body and wrapped tightly for deep skin hydration. Includes a relaxing scalp massage and hydrating lotion massaged into your skin.
45mins $50.

Ab Wrap
Enhance your gym workout results. Created specifically for men, this effective thermal toning treatment uses a specialty concentrate to unblock the localized accumulation of lipids and toxins around the abdomen. An ab-defining treatment that will firm and tighten your mid section, and eliminate excess fluids and impurities. 30mins $50.

Dilo Rescue Wrap
Renew, revitalize and regenerate your skin with this traditional restorative wrap. Cool damaged skin with a centuries-old Fijian treatment of dilo oil combined with oils from exotic nuts and pure aloe. These replenish your skin's moisture and aid in healing skin damaged by sun or the environment. Includes a relaxing scalp massage and finished with hydrating lotion massaged into your skin.
45mins $50.

Skin Quencher Aloe Body Wrap
A skin-soothing body wrap followed by a hydrating body lotion sealing in the goodness of the aloe. If your skin is burning for a little relief from the effects of the sun, this relaxing wrap is a cool choice. Restorative, skin-quenching aloe restores moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. Ideal for reenergizing after a day by the pool, or for instant sunburn relief. Includes a relaxing scalp massage and finished with aloe hydrating lotion massaged into your skin.
 45mins $50.

Back Buff
Think of it as a facial for your back. This clarifying treatment cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes and clears your skin. High Frequency helps heal blemishes and kill bacteria.
45mins $50.

Face Firming Boost
100% pure collagen facial mask for an intensive moisturizing treatment to fight against premature aging, wrinkles and slackening of the skin
30mins $18.

Aromaplasty Mask
This calming, nourishing mask can be added for an amazing glow that lasts for days. It adds moisture and reduces redness, leaving skin healthy and vibrant
30mins $18.

Firming Collagen Eye Treatment
The perfect quick-fix, this celebrity secret leaves you photo-perfect for big events-and special dates. Pure collagen infuses the area around the eyes with structural proteins that temporarily erase fine lines and improve elasticity. The results are instant and guaranteed
30mins $18.

Eye Ritual
Rejuvenating eye treatment that is designed to firm and tone the eye area, this treatment soothes puffy eyes and helps to diminish fine lines
30mins $25.

Scalp Massage
Invigorating, deep massage of your thinking cap. Warm oil with a stimulating aromatherapy blend, great for your hair and scalp, takes all your stress away
15mins $25.

All Packages comes with free facial mask pack @ $18, eye mask @ $25 and head massage @ $25. Total worth $68.
1hr 15mins Massage with 30mins Body Scrub @ $118

1hr 15mins Massage with 30mins Manhood Therapy @ $148


1hr 40mins Massage with 30mins Body Scrub @ $178

1hr 15mins Massage with 30mins Body Scrub and Manhood Therapy @ $178

Manhood Therapy:
Manhood Therapy is a Unique Treatment, a Regular Maintainance of the Male Sexual Organ. The Massage is Aimed to Promote Better and Proper Blood Circulation to The Area, and to Release Trapped Air around The Vein. Its not painful and yet its Relaxing. A Must for All Men. This massage
is done properly and professionally.

Benefits of Ear Candling:
Individuals who provide Ear Candling will often tell you of the many benefits from this simple method.

These potential benefits may include:

Improved sense of smell

Relief of “swimmer’s ear

Reduced ear pain

Improved sense of taste

Balanced emotional state

Reduced ringing in ears

Relief of dizziness

Reduced pain of a tear in the eardrum

Improved color perception

Equalized pressure in the ear

Reduced stress and tension
Clearer thinking